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When Cheryl Gibisch was nine years old, her most prized possession was a collection of rocks found on her family farm and ones brought as gifts from her grandparents' western trips.  She visited her rocks in the basement every day looking at the interesting layers, patterns and colors.

Some 47 years later, Cheryl finally found her way back to rocks, this time discovering she enjoyed, and actually had some talent at, assembling interesting and beautiful combinations of natural materials into jewelry.  The story is a familiar one - Cheryl made some necklaces for herself and soon had friends and relatives asking for copies for themselves.  And with a push from her mother, she was in business!

Cheryl's ever-evolving line consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of sterling silver, semi-precious stones, coral, pearls and clay-fired beads.  Most pieces are one-of-a-kind.  With infinite numbers of designs possible (and a short attention span) Cheryl prefers to move on to the next possibility.  Styles range from simple and delicate to chunky and funky with something to appeal to all tastes.

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